Amazing Testimonials

“I twisted my lower back and had a lot of pain. I put DermaTox on and rubbed it in. The pain left almost immediately. I was definitely surprised and extremely happy. I had to continue rubbing some on 3-4 times throughout the day but it continued to work. This happened some years ago but I twisted my back again yesterday. I sat in pain at work the next day and decided to try the DermaTox again. It worked. I must tell you that I tried the ointment but it didn’t help. The DermaTox works. I’m a strong believer in Jesus Christ and wouldn’t tell you a lie about this. My cousin had a pain in her neck and had it for years. I told her about my experience with the DermaTox and gave her some to try. The DermaTox helped her immediately, too. I have fibromyalgia, admittedly self-diagnosed. I had pain in my shoulder and top part of my arm. Because I sometimes sleep on my side, the pain would increase on this arm to the point that I had difficulty raising my arm. Tonight, because of my back pain being relieved, I decided to put some on my shoulder and arm, too. It worked, too! The pain has gone. Now, I’m going to try it on the rest of my body’s pain points. ” – Madeline

“One of my cats scratches the back of his neck which causes scabs. I spray DermaTox on the scabs and within a day, they are gone. The hair grows back too and there are no bald spots from the scabs. ”

“Everyday I use DermaTox wherever there is skin or hair. I keep a small spray bottle in the bathroom at night. When I’m up during the night and when I get up in the morning, I spray DermaTox on my face – how soothing and refreshing! I think it helps keep wrinkles away. Before brushing my hair, I spray DermaTox all over my hair and face. Much less hair loss since using DermaTox. I shave with a wet/dry electric shaver and just spray DermaTox on my face before shaving. Eliminates “razor burn” and skin problems.”