Skin Problems?

Got Skin Problems? We May Very Well Have The Solution!


You are not alone. Most everyone suffers with some sort of regular, reoccurring skin challenge. For the lucky folks it’s something minor like a scrape, rash or a bug bite. However, there are millions more who regularly suffer from severe irritation, pain and unsightly blemishes. We’ll, we’ve got some great news for you!


The Unexpected Visitor

35 years ago an unexpected visitor bursts into my father’s wellness clinic and demanded that he listen while they shared a very special natural crystal skin care secret. But, first my father had to promise that he would share this product with as many people as he possibly could. He kept his promise and in the early 70’s he introduced the amazing skin care crystal secret to his clients at his wellness clinic. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have seen the benefits of this extraordinary natural formula and that number grows each day!  The well documented results are nothing short of amazing!


My Promise to Stop the Suffering

When I started Healthy Habits® my father asked me to keep his promise and continue spreading the word about the extraordinary benefits of DermaTox®. I was more than happy to honor his wishes. I grew up using this formula and I’ve seen first hand how countless individuals have ended their suffering by using this miraculous natural formulation.


I am excited to share this crystal skincare secret with you.

We call it DermaTox®, and almost 40 years later, it continues to be our top seller. This is an impressive testimony to how well DermaTox® works.

“I was putting a roast into a pan containing very hot oil. When the roast touched the oil, everything
seem to explode. The pain of the burn was terrible. The doctor told me I had a third degree
burn and that I would definitely need skin grafting from my butt. I told him that the skin on my
butt was the last good skin I had and he wasn’t taking it! Instead, I faithfully used DermaTox®
on it morning and evening, sometimes more frequently. It took the pain away and started
the wonderful healing process you can see in these photos. DermaTox® is simply amazing!”

Dermatox Heals Burns

The pain staking crystal manufacturing process is the secret to producing a top notch product. After creation of the super crystals, they are dissolved into pure water with a few other natural ingredients. The result is a skin care product for the ages.


Dermatox Healing Crystal

What started out as a secret skin health formula is now called DermaTox® and is affectionately known as “The Pink Stuff” by many loyal users. This special skin care formula has changed the lives of so many over the years that we have lost count.

Dermatox Skin Renewal Formula

“I use DermaTox® for everything: nail fungus, hemorrhoids, mosquito bites, etc. It is everything you say it is and more. It is a terrific product…the best I have ever used! — W.S., IL”


Today, DermaTox® can be found in a complete line of skin care products available only from Healthy Habits® Experience the benefits for yourself!


*Individual results may vary.


Many years ago, the predecessor to the DermaTox® formula was the preferred treatment at the Cook County Hospital, Chicago Burn Unit. This was prior to the age of Big Pharma in which we find ourselves today.